Gourmet Group

Results of Questionnaire to help in Planning

  1. We will have 3 or 4 meals a year in groups of 6 or 8 and 1 party where we all get together (December)
  2. Everyone has agreed to host (no exceptions)
  3. We will divide into groups with hosts and guests randomly selected.  
  4. Each meal will have a specific theme designed by a member of the Gourmet Group (GG) or by the convenor.  The planners of a meal will try and keep in mind what is in season so that we are not purchasing a lot of out-of-season and imported ingredients.
  5. The hosts will contact their guests and arrange a date that suits their group.  
  6. If you are not the host, you will be given a recipe and you must agree to prepare what has been assigned.
  7. You will bring your dish to the dinner with a wine that you think goes with the dish. Depending on the number of dishes, it would probably be a wine for the appetiser (nibble) course, one for the main and side dishes, and one for the salad or dessert course.
  8. I am available if you have any questions or need help with any of the recipes.   Also if you want to join this very fun group, please contact me.  Kay P W.

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