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The planning for the trip is falling into place well (2 full days & 2 half days, we are trying to squeeze in as much as opportune).
We  have 3 visits to private properties with respective speakers organised.
Bob Butts at the Old Tarakohe cement works & surrounds.
Joyce /Jock Wyllie at Kaihoka  farm.
Gerard Hindmarsh at his home & surrounds.
All speakers will be of relatively short duration.

All accommodation is in place with both motels ,with up to 10 staying  
privately. REMINDER to anyone who hasn’t yet booked but have put their names down.


Weather is our ruler.  Day 2 & day 3 are interchangeable .
We will pick the best day to go down the west coast .This will be a big day with 2 visits ( Kaihoka  Farm  & Gerard  Hindmarsh  ) plus about 150 to 170 k to travel , with so much to see.

Day 1.  11th. March.
          Leave to meet at the WOOLSHED  CAFE, on the CANAAN  ROAD turn off,
          up on the Takaka Hill ,from 10 am onwards. ( It is 23 K from the  Clock Tower 
          In Motueka. ) Jessica is putting on xtra staff to help.
          Proceed onto Takaka for lunch etc. Arrive down at the TARAKOHE  old 
          Cement works by  1 pm. This visit could take up to 1 hr plus.
          Return to motels for booking in.
          Room gathering for drinks at one of the motels with a dinner afterwards at 
          either the Dangerous Kitchen Cafe, or the Wholemeal Cafe. Both cafes can
         cope with our numbers (or alternatively own arrangements).

Day. 2.  12 th  March.(Subject to weather.)

            For this day we strongly recommend that we car share to the maximum. 
            The fewer cars the quicker &  easier to travel.
            We also need our picnic chairs ,tables , tea / coffee & lunch etc.

             Leave at 9am for the trip down the west coast to be at the Wyllie’s
             Kaihoka farm  Woolshed by 10 am. Joyce / Jock will give a talk about the 
             Farm, remote living etc.
             We won’t see the lakes as too many cars & narrow road.

              Proceed  from Kaihoka on down round the West Whanganui inlet,
              Rakopi, Mangarakau  swamp ,Paturau. If weather is good & time permits,
              on down to Anatori. ( Lunch either Paturau  or Anatori.)
              On the return journey, we call into Gerard Hindmarsh’s  property for a talk
               & walk round his interesting place ,about 4-30 ish.
               Proceed onto the Mussel inn for drinks & evening meal for those who 
               choose. We are hoping Gerard & his wife will join us as guests at the   
               Mussel Inn.

Day  3 .March 13th.   (Easier day !!! . Going East .)
              Again take food , tea, coffee , picnic gear etc.
              Leave motels round 9am. Proceed to the Grove Rocks scenic reserve at 
              Clifton. After , proceed up to Birds Clearing for lunch picnic.

               After lunch, down to Wainui  Bay.
                Three options.
               1.   The Wainui falls bush walk . One and a half hrs return.
               2.   Taupo  beach walk.                   “.     “.   “.   “.    “.      “
               3.    Continue on past Wainui Bay & over to Totaranui.
               Return to motels for rest, shopping etc.
               Later , group drinks at one of the motels with a cafe meal to follow.

Day 4.     14 th  March.   Last day. Returning  home.
              Morning  options.
              1.     Short 1 hour drive up Rameka  creek road, all vehicle road,
                       Narrow in places.
               2.    Visit the salmon farm.
               3.     Pu Pu  Springs with short bush walk .
               Each option is about 1 hour. Perhaps, consider doing 1 or two before
               heading home.                               

              This is the basic plan at this stage, subject to changes.

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