Otago Rail Trail Pics. 2021

This year our cyclists approached the challenge with more confidence, we were all electrified!

Memories of laboured power peddling up through the Raggedy Range to Wedderburn was replaced by a leisurely potter stopping at all the places of interest, which included most of the numerous pubs and cafes. Trail organisers had also placed Gangers' Sheds at convenient intervals to keep us amused and provide shelter. Fortunately the weather was perfect and the views spectacular. A weird, scaled model of the solar system popped up every now and then. Every circle of our wheels on the trail was supposed to represent thirty thousand kilometres. The whole of Ranfurly, as the nominal sun, required a stretch of the imagination, but the wire model planets we rode past on the trail were rather artistic.

The new but unopened trail stretching from Cromwell to Clyde, glued to the side of the gorge, provides the reason for our return at the first opportunity. As always we are in debt to John for his superb organisation.

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