Xmas Party 2017 Pics

The party theme, "Italy" was interpreted in a variety of ways, any success was probably coincidental. The puzzling appearance of a president in a borrowed hotel bathrobe, a group of cross-dressed entertainers and a large number of false moustaches added to the confusion, probably creating a slur on the whole Italian race.

The hotel serving staff managed to deal with the usual Rutherford Probus trick of changing table position between courses or simply forgetting what each had ordered. However the hotel could be blamed for providing the ammunition; streamers and overloaded crackers that had the tables and room converted into a battlefield smelling of cordite before the first course was served.

The evening provided the worst ever Christmas cracker joke: 

What do you call a line of men waiting for a haircut?

A barberqueue 

In spite of everything members managed to set off on the last few steps to Christmas in good cheer, looking forward to friendship and just enough excitement to brighten two thousand and eighteen.

Happy Christmas

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