Motueka Spit

Motueka Spit

Welcome Back the Godwits

Once again we had a beautiful day and a big group to wander out along the Motueka Spit to welcome home the Godwits and Red Knots.

A goodly gathering of approx 26 members enjoyed the walk and were rewarded with a wonderful assembly of wading birds at the far end of the spit. We were lucky to have our resident "birdie" guru who identified, Godwits, Red Knots, Ruddy Turnstones, Caspian Terns, Variable and Pied Oystercatchers, the odd gulls and white face herons. We also saw the beautifully delicate banded dotterels getting ready to nest and mate - very busy. 

About 12.30 the wind got up a bit and we withdrew to the comfort of Toad Hall for a wonderful lunch and a pint (Tony!). 

What a great day out plus a lovely walk beside the sea, that can be done anyday over the summer on the high tide. 

Special thanks to our organiser, Richard Blunt and our bird guru, Rebecca Bowater.

Next walk Mount Arthur on November 28th - stay tuned

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