Akaroa 2017 Pics


A Rutherford Probus excursion always has an extra ingredient. Yes, you could tour this beautiful country, poke around in places of special interest, eat and drink a path from restaurant to cafe but, sharing the adventure with Probus friends, creates a supporting framework for your experience. You stop to take yet another photo of a glorious piece of scenery while chatting to a member who describes climbing that peak on the right. Pottering down a town street another describes a bit of local history or reminisces on student day antics in the pub opposite. The whole travel experience becomes richer and memorable.

A perfect example was our visit to Okains Bay. After the museum, Ron’s fascinating account of his great great grandfather, Seth Howard, born in Massachusetts and in 1847 setting up home in the bay with a Maori princess, Hare Tiki his great great grandmother, added a special personal magic.

I would still like some more photos for this web page. The little church at Chorlton could have been lifted straight out of an English Village. I was too busy chatting to that very interesting lady mowing the graves to take a shot. Has anyone got one of the outside?

A brilliant trip Lesley, many thanks.

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