We saw them, the Blue Ducks

                  COURTHOUSE  FLAT  PICNIC.

               FRIDAY 30TH SEPTEMBER.

A new experience for Rutherford Probus 4WD is the two-wheeled G and P scouting party. Its development adds a new safety dimension to our excursions and was in immediate action on the trip as they threw themselves into the path of an oncoming DOC truck to save the car crocodile from serious damage.

The heroes of the moment.

First things first, before any exploration, our party of twelve car loads had to deal with the demands of rumbling stomachs and the enticement of the Wakefield bakery pies buried in the picnic hampers

The gold mining history of the area was in evidence everywhere but nothing reflected a success. In fact the company set up to mine the area ‘The Colossus Mining Company” managed to relieve investors of 25000 pounds, who could resist a gamble on an organisation with a name like that? It never made a penny profit.

The walk up to the Blue Creek Resurgence was a special highlight. Indeed most of us became one of the few lucky Kiwis to have seen a blue duck although from a distance or rather with my eyesight it looked very like an aquatic pigeon.

Of course all 4WD events should end with a technical evaluation of the drive. It has to be done properly, the environment has to be appropriate. The report emanating from this group will be of great value in planning the next trip

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