Xmas Party 2018 Pics

There's a rumour that the chap on the right has lost 5.5 kilos since he saw the phoro.
There's a rumour that the chap on the right has lost 5.5 kilos since he saw the phoro.

Rutherford Probus Christmas Party

There has always been a tangled relationship between general festivities, the winter solstice and the religious festival of Christmas. Christmas Day, the 25th of December was chosen because it matched the shortest day in the Roman Calendar. The result, Santa in the Southern Hemisphere swelters in its summer sun. The religious celebration of Christmas has had a long and chequered history. From early times the mark and symbolic return of the sun seemed appropriate in the Catholic Church for the start of the life of Jesus. However both the Puritans and the Pilgrim Fathers were against any form of Christmas festivity, Cromwell in England banned it. Fortunately his reign was relatively short.

Victorian times and the industrial revolution in England and America created a society ranging from desperate poverty to grotesque affluence. From it grew an undercurrent of concern reflected in songs and books, American and English. Charles Dickens, with his father in a debtor's prison, had a hard childhood. His book, A Christmas Carol, used his own experiences and created a story that resonated with a feeling of guilt in society. It was an instant success and the reborn Scrooge became the symbol of care for the less fortunate and the value of family and friendship.

We hope our Christmas Party reflected the fun and companionship we have had throughout our busy club year. In our later-life it's important to find and enjoy any new experience and gather as many moments of true sharing as we can. 

Happy Christmas 2018

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