Nifty Fifty


Members of the Rutherford Probus Cycling Group, who would like to remain anonymous, suggested an attempt at the Tasman Cycle Challenge Nifty Fifty. Reality dawned at the Riwaka School start and remains to this day burnt into the backsides of the seven doughty riders who took part.

Perhaps it wasn’t the distance that challenged more the scary feeling of large vehicles travelling at speed inches from the shoulder ready to convert one to  mincemeat. Hills between Motueka and Nelson had mysteriously appeared where none had been known before. Nevertheless that true Kiwi spirit to take on a challenge and succeed was reward enough as we were lifted from our bikes at the finish.

Our thanks to Bill U who’s organization and concern for our safety matched that of an astronaut’s return, also to Ron H for our introduction to the poetry of the peloton.

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