The Anchorage - Says it all!!
Torrent Bay
Split Apple Rock
Compulsory Swing Bridge

Medland's Beach to The Anchorage via High Tide Route

The group awaiting the shuttle home

The group awaiting the shuttle home

Well the weather gods certainly played their part and provided a stunning Nelson/Tasman day for our walk. 37% of the club membership enjoyed a beautiful day out in the National Park which is a truly wonderful facility, right on our doorstep. Seashutlles were grateful for our "local support" and our skipper was none other that Rory Standish-White son of our former members. 

Most of the group were "walkers" however, the set up for the day enabled a group of "non-walkers" to enjoy a scenic tour up to Totaranui and back and to spend the day on the Anchorage beach enjoying some of the more accessible walks available there - Te Puketea Bay etc. The rest of us were dropped off at Medlands beaach and enjoyed one of the more scenic parts of the Park with superb native bush, ocean views and scenery.

After a lunch stop at Torrent Bay, the "organiser" had promised the group the shorter low tide route back to the Anchorage. Sadly he got it wrong and our tired legs managed the extra 2 kms including the "wee" hill into the Anchorage. We all arrived in plenty of time to meet the shuttle home and some of the advance bunch were also able to nip up to Cleapatra's Pool. It is an idyllic spot with a cascading river and stunning opalescent pools in which to swim in summer. 

The day was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone and we managed it without incident or injury. There was understandably a little nodding off on the way home (see pictures).

A splendid day out in Paradise!!

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